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Honeymoon In Vegas (dvd) Review

One romantic comedy often overlooked by fans of cinema is Honeymoon In Vegas, a light-hearted, feel-good movie about two lovers overwhelmed by the temptations of Las Vegas. A relatively early film in the careers of both Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker, Honeymoon In Vegas should have been early indicator to audiences everywhere that these two would become Hollywood mainstays. Along with celebrated industry veteran James Caan (who plays a surprisingly similar role on the present TV show Las Vegas), the three combine to create an interesting, if not extremely hilarious, storyline which adds a new twist to the traditional conflict of the love triangle.

Jack Singer (Nicholas Cage) is forever haunted by a deathbed promise he made to his mother, giving his word that he would never get married. But the promise threatens to end his relationship with long-time girlfriend and true love Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker). So Jack proposes and the couple decides to race off to Las Vegas and get married. However, their trip to Vegas is soon interrupted when Jack is set up in a poker game by professional gambler Tommy Korman (James Caan).

With a single hand of poker, Jack loses $65,000 to Korman who promises to forgive the debt in exchange for a single weekend with his fiancée Betsy. Initially outraged at the setup, Jack sees the proposed solution as a way out of the debt, so he convinces Betsy to go along with the idea. But Jack soon becomes horribly jealous and changes his mind. When he goes to find Betsy, he's forced to fight against Korman and his minions who have arranged to keep Jack away permanently. Now, Jack must get to Betsy any way he can and tell her how much he loves her before Korman convinces her she's marrying the wrong man, and that the right man is no other than Korman himself.

One of James Caan's best performances, the character of Tommy Korman comes off as a somewhat likeable guy even though he plays the role of antagonist to our hero. The best characters are those that are multi-dimensional, and the director creates a great environment which allows the various cast members to act out the emotions of their characters. Put together, these diverse characters interact in exciting and interesting ways, making Honeymoon In Vegas a fun and enjoyable film.

Featuring several Hollywood icons, Honeymoon In Vegas is a character-driven romantic comedy capable of holding its own with any film in its genre. Although it never experienced the widespread commercial success of some of its contemporaries, the film nevertheless maintains a high level of entertainment value. If you haven't seen Honeymoon In Vegas, then I highly recommend it. It's worth the time. Due to its exotic settings and a well-written screenplay, Honeymoon In Vegas is a definite must-see movie.

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Choosing Honeymoon Package

Planning for your wedding should not limit to the wedding day itself. You should also plan for your honeymoon. And with this, you should select the best honeymoon package that suits your interests and needs.

Choosing honeymoon package could be easy for some. But for those who are having a difficult time arriving on the conclusion, here are the things you should consider:

When choosing a honeymoon package, the couple should identify their wants. The couple should realize where would they want to go, what would they want to do, and what are the things they expect.

The question as to where would the couple wants to go, the possible answers would be the beach, city, countryside, exclusive place, wildlife, cultural tours, backpacking, and winter.

What to do depends on the place the couple would like to go. For example, the couple decided to spend their honeymoon at a beach. The possible activities could be an engagement on water sports and other water activities.

To make it easier, the couple can create a checklist that would state all the things that need to be answered by the honeymoon package they are about to select. The checklist would also give you the shorter route in arriving at a compromise. Cross out those that you do not agree with and retain the things that you both like to include on your honeymoon package.

Set your budget. Just before you go online and search for a particular honeymoon package you want to have, you should make sure that you have a set budget. In this way, you know what are your financial limits and you know what you can afford and what you cannot. There is no worse way to ruin your honeymoon vacation than spending more than what you have.

After setting your budget, do research over the internet. Look for several honeymoon packages that match your checklist. Select one on the basis of accommodation, price, options, upgrades, amenities, services, and duration of your stay.

If you have a pre-determined destination, limit your search on the particular place. Usually, each hotel in one area gives their won honeymoon package(s). The good thing is, prices range from the most economical to the most expensive and luxurious.

After you have selected the honeymoon package you both agree with, it is time to make reservations. Reservations can be made at least 3 months before your scheduled honeymoon. And before you go to the trip, make sure that your confirm your reservation. Happy trip!

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Benefitting From A Honeymoon Registry

IWhat exactly is a honeymoon? For starters, it is far more than just a vacation with a new spouse. Primarily, a honeymoon symbolizes a great leap forward in starting a new life with someone you dearly love. You are no longer are two separate individuals. On the contrary. You and your new spouse are now fused into one and your separate paths have joined together to form a unique union.

Your honeymoon is the first single step forward on this new path. Exciting, isn't it? Because of this, your honeymoon should be planned out properly so that it becomes a memorable and unforgettable experience for years to come.

How a Honeymoon Registry Can Help

In order to make sure that a honeymoon will be a memorable one, there needs to be deliberate planning undertaken to make sure that the best possible trip and itinerary have been planned. This can pose a challenge and become a daunting task for those who are not very familiar with the steps required to make sure a honeymoon is properly planned. This is where a honeymoon registry comes in handy.

At its core, a honeymoon registry service is basically a 'spin' on the classic travel agency. What the purpose of the honeymoon registry is, is that it devises and plans out all the steps of the honeymoon long in advance so that the honeymooning couple do not have to deal with the stress associated with planning their own honeymoon excursion.

No Small Gift

There is another unique and novel aspect to the honeymoon registry service is the fact that the service can itemize aspects of the honeymoon and then have these itemized aspects paid for as gifts by the wedding guests. This is, in effect, the actual registry itself the various itemized components of the honeymoon become part of a 'registry' and guests can donate towards the registry.

Indeed, this is an interesting addition into conventional wedding planning, but it has become increasingly popular and grown exponentially attractive to newly weds in recent years. (It also makes life incredibly easy for guests and it saves them the related responsibilities associated with purchasing gifts.)

While this may seem like a dramatic departure from what is the 'norm' in terms of wedding and honeymoon planning, it is also a harbinger of the wave of the future. Dont't get us wrong. Tradition and traditional planning all have their proper place, but progress and innovation are also important and even in the area of weddings and honeymoons progress can be seen, and for the better. Look for the concept of the honeymoon registry to continue to grow in popularity as time progresses.


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A Honeymoon In The Mountains Is Best, But Watch Out

If you're looking for the best honeymoon possible, then you need to consider the Smokey Mountains as your destination.

Don't get a motel room or stay in Gatlinburg. Find a cabin to rent that has all the amenities of a 5 star hotel but in the serenity, solitude and secrecy of the mountains.

My family and I just had one of the most awesome and relaxing vacations ever and we spent it in a cabin that was fully furnished. It had a pool table, 2 indoor jacuzzis and an 2 person hot tub on the deck overlooking the mountains.

The cabin we stayed in would sleep 8 so there will be more than enough space for two. While we were there we saw wild turkeys, deer, a wild peacock and scorpions.

Now when I say cabin, don't think for one minute that this was a cabin like the old settlers used to call home. This cabin was more like a luxury vacation home than a log cabin. The price range for the cabin was from $130-160 per night with a 2 night minimum and a price break if you stay more than 3 nights.

Cabins are located all over the area, so it pays to shop around, but almost all of the cabins are located within 15 minutes of the main highway and 25 minutes from the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. You are close to true outlet malls as well.

The Smokey Mountains offer some of the best times and places to create lasting memories with the love of your life. Make sure you take a hike to one of the many waterfalls and be certain to do a horseback ride.

The best deals on cabins are found on the internet. Do a search for Smokey Mountain cabins and you'll get more results than you know what to do with.

Our cabin was rented from Fireside Cabins and Chalet rental. They can be found on the internet with a websearch.

The weather in the Smokies is fairly mild, even in the winter and you'll really enjoy your honeymoon there!

by: Carlingue Demontagne

Honeymoon Trends

While the traditional vows endure, the ways to celebrate a marriage have changed right along with the travel industry. Today's honeymooner may be looking for value, adventure, or variety and searching for a getaway that's as exotic as a stay in a private European castle or nearby as a local bed-and-breakfast inn.

One constant is that couples are willing to spend money on a honeymoon - an average of $1,402 per couple compared to $421 spent annually on regular trips according to the Travel Industry Association of America. Young couples, age 18 to 24 years, spend the most on honeymoons, averaging $1,873. And as many as one-third of all honeymooners spend over $2,500 for that once-in-a-lifetime trip.

And while the move is back toward the traditional wedding and honeymoon associated with earlier generations, today's newlyweds are a far cry from the travelers of earlier days. "They're looking more for luxurious and romantic places, like the little out-of-the-way small hotels and inns and private castles," points out Sylvie del Giudice, spokeswoman for Les Romantiques Hotels. "They're ready for a different experience. It's the experience of a lifetime. They are choosing to go further away on their honeymoon to a different environment and that includes everything: a different language, culture, and food."

Today's couples are finding new ways to celebrate their union, creating honeymoon trends that are being felt throughout the industry.


Started in Jamaica but spread throughout the Caribbean and Mexico and into some other regions as well, the all-inclusive vacation is becoming ever more popular with honeymooners - and their families. Their "one price pays all" policy makes the all-inclusive trip more and more convenient for parents purchasing a honeymoon package as a gift for newlyweds. Air, transfers, meals, drinks, watersports, and even tips are included in the tab at all-inclusive resorts.


Getting married on your honeymoon is also an increasingly popular concept in the Caribbean, where resort packages provide everything from wedding cake to music. At some properties like SuperClubs (, guests can enjoy a free wedding, including the minister's fee and marriage license.


The devaluation of Canada and Mexico's currencies mean an increase in honeymoon business for financial reasons. Canada is also gaining popularity as a honeymoon hotspot. Couples looking for a white honeymoon find it in ski areas such as Banff, Whistler, and Jasper, and those seeking big city culture seek out cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The current strength of the American dollar against the Canadian also makes our northern neighbor an attractive honeymoon destination. "Canada is extremely popular as a honeymoon destination," explains Judy Love Rondeau from the office of the Canadian Consulate General in Dallas. "Your money goes 40% further in Canada. Also, honeymooners like the cities of Montreal and Quebec City because they are like going to Paris without going so far and spending so much money."


For some couples, a chance to enjoy the romance of a big city and the elegance of fine dining makes major cities a honeymoon destination. A recent study by the American Society of Travel Agents showed that the most popular city was Las Vegas. Orlando, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles were other top choices.


While some couples choose to vacation close to home, conserving both time and money, others see a honeymoon as a chance for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. For these travelers, it's the time for a fantasy journey to destinations whose very names mean romance. For these lucky honeymooners, the American Society of Travel Agents has found that Great Britain is the top European destination, followed by France and Germany.

"We see more and more honeymooners going to Europe versus the Caribbean," says Les Romantiques Hotels' Sylvie del Giudice. "People are getting married older, and they're more interested in the culture and the experience and the discovery of Europe. Or they want to go back to Europe. I deal a lot with people who went to Paris once and now want to show it to their spouse.

"They usually combine romantic cities like Paris, Florence, or Rome with a resort escape like the Riviera or Normandy or the Amalfi coast of Italy so they have the best of both worlds," explains del Giudice. "We have also noticed that honeymooners are becoming more and more adventurous and discovering new areas."

Looking for new European experiences is also bringing more honeymooners to less traditional destinations. Destinations like Portugal, Malta, and Turkey are gaining popularity.


The current trend toward adventure and eco-tourism vacations hasn't overlooked the honeymoon industry. "We have seen a number of newlyweds go on dude ranch vacations as well as our other trips like the cattle drives," says Dave Wiggins, president of Boulder, Colorado-based American Wilderness Experience. "It's the kind of thing for couples who are looking for something inspiring, something they can come back and say 'guess what we did on our honeymoon.'"

Although Wiggins has sold many honeymooners rugged adventure packages, ranging from a 10-day safari in Alaska to sea kayaking in Baja Mexico to river rafting along Idaho's Salmon River, many honeymooners favor soft adventure. "The lodge-based vacations tend to be more popular with honeymooners because they have a bed and roof over their head and a hot shower," points out Wiggins.

"We're seeing more and more soft adventure travel so we have more deluxe lodge-based options," points out Wiggins. Whether honeymooners overnight in a mountain cabin or in a seaside tent, however, he explains the popularity of adventure travel with today's travelers. "At a resort there's a lot to pick and choose, but you can find yourself being a spectator and watching the action go around. On an adventure trip, you're smack dab in the action. There's no sitting back and watching the action go by in front of you - you are the action on an adventure tour."

Finding that special quality is up to the individual honeymooners themselves. With the myriad of choices and a selection of atmosphere that ranges from white-knuckle adventure to hedonistic laziness, there's something for everybody.

by: Paris Permenter & John Bigley

For Romance, Stay at the Honeymoon Capitals

Trying to decide where to honeymoon? Well, let’s face it, the honeymoon world is your oyster, as you have a mind numbing number of options. So, why not narrow your list to the unofficial “Honeymoon Capitals”: Niagara Falls, The Poconos in Pennsylvania; and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has long been known as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.” Some of the earliest honeymooning couples include Theodosia Burr, daughter of U.S. Vice-President Aaron Burr (yes, that Aaron Burr), who honeymooned with her new husband, Joseph Aliston in 1802, and Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon (yes, that Napoleon), who honeymooned with his new wife, Elizabeth Patterson in 1804.

It may not be the tallest waterfall in the world, but it is certainly the most famous, located on the border between the New York and Ontario. Niagara Falls is actually a collection of three waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls (called by some the Canadian Falls), the American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls, with Horseshoe Falls considered the most spectacular of the three.

The Pocono Mountains:

Did you know the Pocono Mountains is also referred to as "The Honeymoon Capital of the World"? Well, it’s true. As a matter of fact, over 200,000 honeymooning couples each year choose to begin their married life in the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, which boasts 2,400 square miles of wooded peaks and valleys with crystal clear lakes, rushing rivers, and some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the eastern United States.

The Poconos specializes in honeymoons, with several adult-only resorts available, as well as spas for those who love to be pampered. Choosing a cabin in the Poconos affords you privacy and romance, with access to all the fine spas and restaurants that will make your honeymoon even more special.

If you want to venture out of your cabin or resort there are numerous activities in the Poconos to keep you busy: hiking, biking, boating, golf, tennis, sightseeing, horseback riding, swimming, skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee – Great Smoky Mountains

Gatlinburg is known as the “Honeymoon Capital of the South,” so you know it must have great amenities for honeymooners. Gatlinburg is adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which receives approximately 9 million visitors per year. The reason the area receives so many visitors is the incredible beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains, as well as the availability of lodging and services in nearby Gatlinburg. But, don’t let the number of visitors scare you away. A cabin in Gatlinburg will give you the privacy you need for your honeymoon.

Cabins in Gatlinburg are some of the most luxurious around. For example, America’s Cabins, Inc. have honeymoon cabins available with heart-shaped jacuzzi tubs, hot tubs on outside decks overlooking spectacular mountain scenery, pool tables, washer/dryers, cable and fireplaces. They can be reached at 800-900-7717.

The benefit of staying in one of the “Honeymoon Capitals” is that the businesses are geared to service honeymooners, and you can probably find many different honeymoon packages which can save you money. And, besides, isn’t it just cool to say you honeymooned in the “Honeymoon Capital” of somewhere?

by: Diane McCalley

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Some Of The Best Honeymoon

Some Of The Best Honeymoon And Wedding Destinations

marriage is a beautiful event in your life, which you take great pains to plan. It marks the beginning of a lifetime with someone you love. A fantastic honeymoon is the perfect way to start this journey of a lifetime. Be it a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle or an invigoration action packed trip, you can be sure of finding just the right destination which will make your honeymoon vacations memorable.

Hawaii has been the most popular wedding destinations in the US. The tropical panorama, immaculate beaches and a vast choice of cuisine, and activities to cater to every kind of taste, it is not surprising that Hawaii is the top choice for a honeymoon. You can enjoy the many waterfalls and fantastic views from the various islands of Hawaii, which will be fun to explore with your spouse. But of course the most romantic thing to do with him/her would be to watch the sunset.

After Hawaii, the Niagara Falls in upstate New York figure as the next popular choice of a honeymoon destination. Many choose the setting of the Niagara, which is the second tallest and widest waterfall in the world to even exchange their wedding vows. There are guided tours on boats around the waterfall and a visit to the Casino Niagara, which is just across the Falls, would be a perfect way to end the day.

Florida is a place that can be perfect for just about anyone. There are numerous spots that you will love, whatever it is that you and your spouse want from a honeymoon. Walt Disney World in Orlando is probably the most popular of all the holiday spots of Florida, where special packages are offered to those who want a romantic retreat.

It is incorrect to think that California is just about the crowded beaches and streets of Los Angeles. Should you decide to honeymoon there, then head for the undulating slopes, the mountain peaks and the charming villages of Napa Valley. California Wine Country, with its numerous wineries, which lies to the north of San Francisco, is sure to charm you with the hospitality that is typical of this place.

Las Vegas, which has been pronounced as the entertainment capital is just the right destination for those who want their honeymoon to be full of action and fun. Aside from gambling at the many casinos here, the shopping and nightlife can be quite enjoyable. Grand Canyon is close by and is a popular tourist destination. Most of the hotels in Las Vegas have honeymoon packages that you and your spouse would find hard to resist.

The U.S has everything to offer to the honeymooner, be it the tranquil beaches of Hawaii, or the never-ending action of Las Vegas; be it the scenic beauty of the California Wine Country or the fun filled spots of Florida.

by Johnathan Bakers